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My name is PM Bendre and I have 48 years of experience. I have worked with organizations like Bajaj Tempo Ltd, MICO Bosch, Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd, and Copper Semis P. Ltd. During my 48 years of work experience, I have attended various Board meetings and gathered good knowledge on various safety improvement topics. I was a part of various organization growth initiatives and have practically implemented behavior change programs for organizational changes.
One such drive was to bring the incident trend down in the organization and build a strong safety culture. I, articulated the complete implementation roadmap for BBS to bring a cultural change at all levels. During this journey, I learned what challenges the organization will face in terms of the BBS process and how the process needs to be understood in the first step to make it a success. For making BBS a success in the organization everyone involved in the process should learn how two carry out observation and what is POCR model?.
Enroll yourself in the "BBS Observation" course where I will be helping you to learn "Why What and How to carry out observation. I will also take you through the right and wrong ways of observation to understand the mistakes observer will do. The course is divided into lessons. Each lesson offers an instructor (my) video, case study, practice exercises, and at the end knowledge assessment. This course offers a Certificate on successful completion and clearing the course assessment criteria of 80%.   

If you are the one who is looking for learning behavior observation skills to improve workplace safety, then this is the course for you. Let's start learning.

 Course Offering

32 Instructor Lesson

02 Case Study 
02 Project Exercise 
01 Q-Forum 
10 Articles
 Course Includes
  7:02 hrs On-demand Video
  03 Download Resource
   Access on TV & Mobile
  Full lifetime access
  Certificate of Completion
 Course Details 
 Skill Level - Advance 

  Duration - 7 hrs 02 min 

  Course Learning 

At the end of this Transformational Leadership professional development course, you will have the practical knowledge required for creating a safe workplace with the following take away with them.

  • BBS Overview & History

  • What is BBS?

  • Understanding UAUC

  • What is at-risk behavior?

  • Behaviour Observation

  • What to observe?

  • How to observe?

  • BBS Observe Step

  • Step 1 - Observation Step

    • Plan

    • Observe

    • Coach

    • Record

  • Practical Cases

  • Hands-on Exercise

  • Project Assignment

What you'll learn:- 
  • Understand what is BBS and its importance
  • What is an unsafe act & at-risk behavior?
  • Know what is BBS process.
  • Learn about steps involved in BBS Process
  • Learn about how to Carry out observation?
  • Providing effective feedback

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For information related to this course please contact us -  Email Us   86000 17966
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