Safety Week Planing

Safety Week Planing

Enroll in the course where I will be taking you talking about how to implement BBS in your organization. The course is divided into lessons, each lesson offers instructor (my) video, case study, practice exercises, and at the end knowledge assessment. This course offers a certificate on successful completion of the course assessment criteria of 80%.

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Last Update 09/08/2020
Completion Time 2 hours 9 minutes
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  • Course Offerings
  • Safety Week
    • Overview
    • About Safety Week
    • Safety Week Purpose
  • Safety Week Objectives
    • Objectives Part 1
    • Objectives Part 2
  • Safety Week Planning
    • Management Buy-In
    • Objective and Goals
    • Brand Your Event
    • Planning Committee
    • Communication
    • Promotion
    • Name the Week
    • Selecting Activities
    • Rewards & Appreciate
    • Safety Week Budget
  • Sample Activities
    • Where to start?
    • Commitment Pledges
    • Site / Project Visits
    • Safety Performance Evaluation
    • Practical Activities
  • Safety Week KPI's
    • Evaluate Success
    • Selecting KPI’s
  • Timeline Plan
    • Sample Plan

Manoj Pawar In

Hi. Welcome to the “Safety Week” course. The course will help you plan the safety week to achieve more employee engagement. The topics I will be taking you through are how to identify the safety week objectives? how to plan the safety week event? sample activities and much more. 
Enroll yourself in the "safety week" course where I will be helping you to learn about important concepts of how to plan safety week activities, brand the safety week, how to communicate, and most importantly how to engage your workforce to make safety week a great success.
If you are the one who is looking to learn on how to improve employee engagement in safety week activities in your organization or to train your team than this is the course for you. Let’s start learning

Skill Level- Intermediate

Duration - 5 hrs 37mins

Course Offerings

I - Lessons

22 Lessons

I - Webinar


Case Study

05 Exercise


05 Exercise


Discussion + Q&A


10+ Articles


05+ Skill Badges


Course Certificate