Confined Space Hazard

Confined Space Hazard

Learn about confined space incident reasons and how to do a risk assessment with hands-on real case experience in this course. Obtain valuable risk assessment skills and get Certification with this highly practical advice and training.

Created by - Manoj Pawar I Language - English I Self Place + Instructor Online Session I Level - Intermediate

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Last Update 03/25/2021
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  • Confined Spaces Lessons
    • Confined Space
    • CS Hazards
    • CS Permit & Non-Permit
      60 xp
    • CS Work Permit
      70 xp
    • CS Risk Controls
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    • CS Gas Monitoring
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    • CS Ventilation Blower
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    • CS Attendant
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    • CS PPE
    • CS Toolkit
  • Confined Space Case Study
    • Case Study - What went wrong?
    • Confined Space Incident
    • Identifying Root Cause
    • Investigation Technique
    • Question for RCA
    • Incident Investigation Template
    • 5 Why Template
  • Course Webinar

Manoj Pawar In

Hi, Welcome to the “Confined Space Contest”. The contest will help you upgrade your skill on a very important topic incident investigation which is used for identify the root causes of an incident.
Enroll yourself in the "Confined Space Incident Investigation Contest" where I will be helping you to learn about important concepts of how to carry out effective investigation by understanding various investigation technique, fact findings tools, and question to ask to reach root cause . 
If you are the one who is looking to learn and up-skill your competency related to incident investigation in your organisation or to train your team then this is the course for you. Let’s start learning.

Skill - Advance

Duration - 3 hrs 05 min

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Investigation, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Questioning, Using 5 Whys Technique, Fact Finding