Confined Space Hazard

Confined Space Hazard

Learn about confined space incident reasons and how to do a risk assessment with hands-on real case experience in this course. Obtain valuable risk assessment skills and get Certification with this highly practical advice and training.

Created by - Manoj Pawar I Language - English I Self Place + Instructor Online Session I Level - Intermediate

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  • Confined Spaces Lessons
    • Confined Space
    • CS Hazards
    • CS Premit and Non Permit
    • CS Work Permit
    • CS Risk Controls
    • CS Gas Monitoring
    • CS Ventilation Blower
    • CS Attendant
    • CS PPE
    • CS Toolkit
  • Confined Space Case Study
    • Free preview
    • Confined Space Incident
    • Identifying Root Cause
    • Investigation Technique
    • Question for RCA
    • Incident Investigation Template
    • 5 Why Template
  • Course Webinar
    • On-Demand Webinar

Mr. Manoj Pawar in

Hi, Welcome to the “Confined Space Contest”. The contest will help you upgrade your skill on a very important topic incident investigation which is used to identify the root causes of an incident.
Enroll yourself in the "Confined Space Incident Investigation Contest" where I will be helping you to learn about important concepts of how to carry out an effective investigation by understanding various investigation techniques, fact-finding tools, and questions to reach the root cause.
If you are the one who is looking to learn and up-skill your competency related to incident investigation in your organization or to train your team then this is the course for you. Let’s start learning.

Skill - Intermediate

Duration - 3 hrs 05 min

Course Offerings

I - Lessons

05 Lessons

Case Study

01 - Exercise




Discussion + Q&A

I - Webinar



05 - Reading


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Skill you will gain

InvestigationProblem SolvingRoot Cause AnalysisQuestioningUsing 5 Whys TechniqueFact Finding