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My name is Rajendra K and I am practicing safety for the last 41 years. I have worked with companies like Nagarjuna Fertilisers & Chemicals, Rolls Royce Spectrum Power, Nagarjuna Construction, and so on and was responsible for improving safety performance. While implementing a safety management system over the past so many years I have gathered rich experience on various topics and one of them is Near Miss
Enroll yourself in the "Near Miss" course where I will be helping you to learn about what is near-miss? the near-miss reporting process, how to implement near-miss and barriers for near-miss reporting.  
The course is divided into lessons. Each lesson offers an instructor (my) video, case study, practice exercises, and at the end knowledge assessment. This course offers a Certificate on successful completion and clearing the course assessment criteria of 80%.   

If you are the one who is looking to learning on how to improve near-miss reporting in the organization join now and let's start learning.

 Course Offering

45 Instructor Lesson

02 Case Study 
02 Project Exercise 
01 Q-Forum 
10 Articles
 Course Includes
  5:06 hrs On-demand Video
  03 Download Resource
   Access on TV & Mobile
  Full lifetime access
  Certificate of Completion
 Course Details 
 Skill Level - Intermediate 

  Duration - 5 hrs 06 min 

  Course Learning 

At the end of this Transformational Leadership professional development course, you will have the practical knowledge required for creating a safe workplace with the following take away with them.

  • NM Overview & History

  • NM Objective & Purpose

  • NM as Risk Assessment Tool

  • NM Process

  • Tracking of NM

  • NM Process Implementation

  • Barriers for NM Reporting

  • Encourage Near-Miss Reporting

What you'll learn:- 
  • Understand about the near-miss
  • how to implement near miss
  • Factors responsible for near-miss reporting
  • Developing a near-miss reporting strategy
  • LIPO and HIPO type near-miss

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