Course Instructor Agreement

1 Purpose

2 Terms of Agreement

3 Course Development T & C

4 Online Course Instructor T & C

5 Performance Evaluation T & C

6 Online Webinar T & C

7 Legal T & C

8 General T & C

9 Payment T & C

10 Marketing T & C

11 CMCPL Agreed Task

12 Termination

13 Liabilities & Indemnities

14 Governing Law & Jurisdiction 

Instructor Contact & Payment

This agreement is entered into between the CLIDE Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (owner of the portal   e-learning portal for Safety, Health, Environment & Fire courses), a Private Limited Company with registered address at 41-A Survey Nagar, Jaitala Road Nagpur - 440022, herein referred to as CMCPL and (Instructor Name) ___________________________, residing on the address (Instructor address) ____________________________________________________herein referred to as the Course Instructor, for the purpose of providing online training, workshops to online customer through online training portal of CMCPL.

1 Purpose 

The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the conditions under which CLIDEOffice provides an online platform to instructor to sell online courses (know as e-learning), and under which Instructor complies with the obligations set out hereafter. 

Terms used in the agreement are -

CMCPL - CLIDE Management Consultancy Pvt.Ltd  
Instructor – One who is offering the course on CMCPL panel
Learner – One who has enrolled for the course either for membership option, online payment option, inviting option, subscription option
Website - Portal  e-learning portal for Safety, Health, Environment & Fire course

3 Course Development Terms and Condition

The Instructor agrees to the following:  

  1. The instructor will collaborate with CMCPL staff to determine the course outline, training content, methods of presentation, and handouts for online courses.

  2. The instructor will work with CMCPL to ensure that training content is culturally specific and promotes technical competence.

  3. The instructor will provide the course content in the prescribed online format developed by CMCPL for course development.

  4. The course content will be reviewed by the CMCPL expert board panel and if required or suggested major and minor changes will be incorporated by the instructor and resubmit for review. This will be an iteration process as the course will be approved by the CMCPL expert board. 

  5. The instructor will develop course content that will be based on the methodology designed by CMCPL and which may change from time to time as per the market need and demand and depends on the technology up-gradation. The instructor will be informed about this and will also be given training for the new changes.

  6. The instructor will use an online course development tool designed by CMCPL for course content development which should be used strictly in a confidential manner for data protection.

  7. The Instructor agrees to submit a content outline, bibliography, resource list (if applicable), and proposed handouts for approval to the CMCPL according to the timeline for submission. In all cases, the content will be customized to the course requirement and it will be a non-disclosure agreement that none of the instructor’s material will be used by CMCPL for any of our other purposes.

  8. Lecture series in video format will be developed as a part of course offerings the content for the same will be developed by the instructor. Training & methodology for video development will be given by the CMCPL team.

  9. Course Video will be recorded by the instructor as guided by the CMCPL team the expense for the same will be incurred by the instructor. The course videos will be reviewed by the CMCPL expert board panel and if required or suggested major and minor changes will be incorporated by the instructor and resubmit for review. This will be an iteration process as the course will be approved by the CMCPL expert board. 

  10. Video editing after approval will be done by CMCPL like labeling, Instructor name, small animation of 30 sec, photos and this will be an independent process wherein the CMCPL team will do the review and quality check.

  11. Course content material includes Incident case studies, questionnaire, video, case studies, practical exercises, glossary, wiki, legal requirements, downloadable material, booklet, and articles but not limited to only these for the course will be provided by the instructor.

4 Online Course Instructor Terms and Condition

  1. The instructor will be helping resolve queries raised by the learner who is active and enrolled student in the course through an online tool of the online portal like discussion form, online chat, and webinars. We don’t recommend direct phone / mobile calls with the learner.

  2. The instructor will conduct an online webinar using an online portal webinar tool for learners on the course topics. The frequency will be decided by the CMCPL expert board panel.

  3. The instructor will publish articles related to courses for learners which will be offered as learning. The frequency will be decided by the CMCPL expert board panel.

5 Performance Evaluation Terms and Condition

  1. The instructor agrees that information regarding the Instructor and feed-back and any other evaluation data regarding this course will be gathered through an online tool and maintained in the state-wide computerized data system. This data will be used by CMCPL as part of an Instructor performance evaluation appraisal to identify instructor development needs and as criteria for decisions regarding future contract employment.

  2. The instructor should also make sure that the feedback score is above 4 out of 5. This system is subject to change as we go ahead with product development such as the video feedback system from the learner regarding the course offering.

  3. Instructor performance evaluation will be done based on the parameters designed by the CMCPL expert board panel.

6 Online Webinars Terms and Condition

  1. The instructor agrees to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier and to conduct the online webinar.

  2. If the Instructor is unable to complete a portion or all of the activities listed herein due to illness or other unavoidable personal circumstances, the CMCPL reserves the right to either reschedule the Instructor to complete these activities at another time or to void this contract and enter into a contract with a substitute instructor. If the Instructor completes a portion of activities, he/she will be paid on a pro-rata basis for the portion of the course successfully completed subject to the approval of the CMCPL expert board panel.

  3. Required material for the online webinar will be prepared by the instructor such as PowerPoint presentation, case study, excel sheet, handouts which will be approved by the CMCPL expert board panel.

  4. Material developed will be submitted for approval to the CMCPL expert board panel before one week.

  5. Webinars will be recorded and uploaded in the course for learner reference in the course by the CMCPL team.

7 Legal Terms and Condition

  1. The Instructor will be responsible for the course content developed which should be his own creation and many not have copyrights of other authors, in case such case arises instructor will be liable for the entire losses and the same will be recovered from the instructor.

  2. The Instructor must be familiar with copyright laws governing IPRs, Copyrights, and Patents, and including the use of citations and must obtain written permission from the appropriate publisher, author or distribution before including any material covered by such laws or use as a visual aid for the course and online webinars. The instructor provides complete citations must be footnoted on handouts, PowerPoint, and where ever applicable.

  3. The Instructor will not sell or promote his own organization, products, materials, or additional workshops. All the content provided by the instructor should carry relevant CMCPL logo along with instructor code and provided disclaimer text from CMCPL

  4. The Instructor understands it is the policy of CMCPL not to give any kind of personal endorsements (Visiting cards or personal numbers). The Instructor will not use verbal or written comments from evaluations, letters, etc., as individual endorsements with any of CMCPL clients.

  5. The instructor will represent only CMCPL and not any other organization or agency when involved with the CMCPL customer.

  6. Training materials developed by the instructor and specifically developed for CMCPL online courses are considered a work for hire, and the sole property of CMCPL. Training materials include, but are not limited to texts, PowerPoint presentation, curricula, outlines, handouts, booklets, videos, and online courses developed through licensed software used by CMCPL. 

  7. The instructor would not work with the CMCPL client or their contacts for which he/she has been assigned to, directly, for a minimum of 2 years after the completion contract, in any of the technology or soft skill areas. In case the instructor learns of an opportunity in the public domain or is approached via another vendor directly, the source of the same must be communicated to CMCPL so that we are sufficiently updated to manage our relationship with the client. In no case shall the instructor or their sub-agencies approach client contacts introduced during the course of executing assignments on behalf of CMCPL. The activities would include training, consulting, user adoption services, content development, or e-learning services.  

8 General Terms and Condition

  1. The Instructor agrees to perform the services described herein as an Independent Contractor and attends that he/she is not an employee of CMCPL. Instructor shall indemnify and hold CMCPL, its officers, agents, and employees harmless from and against all claim and costs (including attorneys fees) for loss or damage to property, or injury, or death to any and all persons, or any course of action of whatever nature that may arise out of or during the performance of this contract.

  2. The instructor agrees to attend audio or video conference calls or the instructor meets with the client at least once to have a face to face conversation with the client to understand the training needs, if asked by the client. The instructor will be punctual in providing timely responses to such queries.

  3. Instructor shall not engage and shall cause their personal as well as their sub-agencies and their persons to engage, either directly or indirectly, in any or professional activities with the CMCPL clients that would account to conflict with the activities assigned to them under this contract.

  4. The instructor would give a copy of the presentation for updating the relevant branding/disclaimer by CMCPL before the same is shared with the customer. This content will not be used by CMCPL for any clients, he/she would conduct dry run with the advisory member, if required. 

  5. Instructors getting impaneled with CMCPL need to produce a minimum of 3 contact details for us to do the reference check.  

  1. The instructor needs to send detailed feedback, within 24 hours of completion of the program.

  2. The fees for the training delivery would be paid to the instructor once the feedback forms are viewed by the CMCPL staff.

  3. If the training is scheduled outside the instructor’s base location as on the communication address, the instructor needs to reach the destination on the delivery date, check-in the hotel, and check out on the completion day of the program. (This is applicable for 1 and above days program).

  4. All payments made to the instructor would attract taxes and TDS components.

  5. The Instructor will immediately notify CMCPL of any changes in circumstances that would prohibit or reduce the capacity of the Instructor to carry out the obligation and activities outlined in this contract.

  6. The instructor will assume responsibility as an instructor with immediate effect once the contract is signed.

  7. The instructor will not make any commitment to students on behalf of CMCPL without prior approval. Such a thing can include course fee revision, a refund of money, certificate of student fails to clear the online exam, and such thing not included in this contract.

  8. Instructor on his own cost will develop the entire course material and CMCPL agrees to develop the course for online publishing on its own cost.


9 Payment Terms and Condition

  1. Payment will be done on a monthly basis to the instructor.

  2. Performance criteria will be part of the agreed payment terms and conditions.

  3. Depending upon the course cost ratio percentage payment will be done to the instructor.

  4. Payment will be calculated based on the number of enrolment in the course.

  5. Ratio agreed between instructor and CMCPL is –

  • Instructor Ratio – 30%

  • CMCPL Ration – 70%

  1. Performance criteria agreed out of the instructor ratio is – 10 %

  2. Payment will only be done through online transfer.

  3. No advance payment will be made by CMCPL to the instructor.

10 Marketing Terms and Condition

  1. The promotion of the course will be done by the CMCPL marketing team.

  2. Online promotion with instructor video, the photo will be done by CMCPL and the content required will be developed by the CMCPL marketing team. If required CMCPL may ask for instructor help to record the video.

  3. The cost of promotion and marketing will not be charged to the instructor.

  4. Promotion of course in social marketing can be done by the instructor but as per the marketing guidelines given by the CMCPL marketing team.

  5. Online content such as articles, a forum post will be done by instructor content approved by the CMCPL expert board panel as part of the performance criteria.

11 CMCPL agrees to the following :

  1. CMCPL will pay the agreed amount upon completion activities outlined in this contract.

  2. CMCPL retains the right to review and approve all course plans and materials to be used by the instructor in the implementation of course activities; and to make the final determination of the scope and nature of the course offerings provided by the instructor. Above referenced materials shall include, but not be limited to, course curricula, workshop content outline, reference materials, and course activities.

  3. CMCPL will provide online tools for course development, develop videos, simulation activities, any other required online help to instructors for course development.

  4. CMCPL will provide technical assistance to the instructor as needed in the development and formulation of course content and in the implementation of course activities.

  5. CMCPL will maintain the course online available for learners through its online e-learning portal.

  6. The Company reserves the right to cancel or modify this agreement at any time prior to the training should registration activity or other circumstances fail to justify the implementation of the training activities outlined herein. The Company will immediately notify the Instructor of any such change.

12 Termination

In the event that either Party fails to fulfill any of its obligations arising herein, and if such a breach has not been remedied within 30 calendar days from the written notice of such breach, this Agreement may be terminated immediately by the non-breaching Party.
Surviving Provisions:
 The sections “ 13  Liability and Indemnities  ”, and “14  Governing Law and Jurisdiction  ” will survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement.
On expiry or termination of this Agreement, PARTNER:
  • shall not use anymore the materials and the CLIDEOffice brand name, trademarks and logos or claim the existence of any partnership or relationship with CLIDEOffic ;
  • shall comply with its obligations during any notice period prior to such termination ;
  • may not use CLIDEOffice Enterprise anymore, for development, test or production purpose

13 Liabilities and indemnities

Both parties are bound by a best endeavors obligation hereunder. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CLIDEOffice’s liability for any and all claims, losses, damages or expenses from any cause whatsoever and howsoever arising under this Agreement will be limited to the direct damages proved, but will in no event exceed for all damage-causing event or series of connected events causing damages the total amount for the fees paid by PARTNER in the course of the six (6) months immediately preceding the date of the event giving rise to such claim.
In no event will CLIDEOffice be liable for any indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited third parties or customer claims, loss of revenue, profits, savings, loss of business or other financial loss, costs of standstill or delay, lost or corrupted data arising out of or in connection with the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. 
PARTNER acknowledges that he has no expectations and has received no assurances that any investment made in execution of this Agreement and the CLIDEOfficePartnership Program will be recovered or recouped or that he shall obtain any anticipated amount of profits by virtue of this Agreement.


14 Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes arising in connection with the Agreement for which no amicable settlement can be found shall be finally settled by the Courts of Maharashtra in India.  

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